Anchor Sure

Polyester Styrene Free Low Odour Resin is a high performance, rapid curing tow part chemical anchoring system. Applied through attached mixing nozzle directly into fixing hole. Product can be extruded with use of standard extruder for silicones. When cured this resin will produce effective, strong, chemical resistant fixing.

Anchor Sure

    • Suitable for use in hollow wall, brickwork, masonry and concrete
    • Economical fixing resin
    • Medium duty load applications
    • Used in dry and wet conditions
    • Close edge distance and small spacing
    • Suitable as a filler for gap and crack filling
    • Styrene free with low odour
    • Anchoring bolts, treaded bar, reinforcing steel, and other anchors into hollow walls, masonry brickwork, and concrete
    • Medium duty load applications
    • Non-flammable and styrene-free
    • Interior and exterior use
    • General purpose

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